HW(Lemonade )

Basically  the writer is saying about  how “Lemonade” made use of explaining the black female’s body. The author explains how Beyonce’s album attracts people of black females(and make them the norm) and how the black female body comes in all sizes, shapes, and textures with all manner of big hair and also  to challenge the devaluation and dehumanization of the black female body The writer makes me have an understanding of the picture of a black woman’s life which was interesting. The author also portray black women to always be the victim and explains why.


What I learned from the article is that “Lemonade”  is showing a clear message to the readers of what black female goes through in this time and the history of it .


Also based on their writing, I would like to use the element of meaning in my own writing because in this article it gives more meaning of beyonce and how black women are portrayed as the victim. One bad thing I wouldn’t add is how long the story is. To me it simply would make me lose interest if  an article has a lot of pages unless it has a good title that is eye catching. Another is 3 different things that relate to each other just like the article, which was beyonce herself, black women and lemonade.

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