Artist Statement (Me as a Writer.)

Shauntai Smith
Dr.Carrie Hall

Me as a Writer.

Who am I as a writer? Well, four months ago I went into writing with a clear vision that consisted of only one perspective, my own. The way others felt or even how I made them feel wasn’t apart of my goal, honestly I was writing for a grade instead of a purpose. I’d sit and type for hours to get the perfect essay but in my opinion there is no such thing. Writing is universal, in ways it can sadden you, cheer you up and in some cases even make you laugh really hard. Those are the writer’s goal and now it is mine as well. I was comfortable with forgetting about the outside world and it’s many views on how words can create emotions when i write. I didn’t think about how other people would feel nor did I care, the thought of others wasn’t in mind. If I liked it I assumed everyone would love it because I consider myself a great writer but you cant be great until you can relate to someone else’s way of thinking and assessing thoughts of others.
Earlier this semester I wrote an essay about my experiences with education and what it means to me. In my essay I stated that “I grew tired of what was expected of me and so I made myself more available to other areas of life, this included getting a job.” This sentence came off quite confusing for my readers because even though I knew what I was referring to I did not give them the same courtesy. I did not let them in on the who, what, when and why as I should have and I definitely could have clarified the events more concretely with evidence and meaningful description. Now, when it comes to my writing I am specific and detailed on every point I make.
In one my earliest piece of writing I wrote “The singer Andra Day is known for her beautiful voice that falls into the Jazz/Soul R&B category and her ability to capture tears and chills from her listeners.” Every step of the way is explained and has meaning for the message that I intend on sending. At the very start of spring 2019 semester I focused on some of Gilyard’s writing techniques and formatting. This helped me see how global writing really is. It has it’s very own language, one that isn’t defined or overlooked by “what society expects” writing to be like.
Writing to me is somewhat an escape, it gives me the freedom to express myself by using words. Words can create images, visuals, thoughts and excitement to others, that’s what makes it beautiful as well as intriguing. Doing projects about education, issues within the community and critical thinking writing has helped me open my eyes to a much wider audience every time that I write. Now I am thinking of others and what they may feel or want to feel, before I write I ask myself what’s my goal here and what do I want my readers to gather from my perspective as appose to not caring what they saw. I am a better writer, I have grown. So who am I as a writer? One that won’t ever stop growing!

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