Pavel Nunez


Dr Carrie Hall

English 1121


To begin, I want to revise the Unit 3  (which was community problems in NY) about the MTA and what we can do to fix it . Even though there was a lot of problems in the MTA mechanically and time wise, and also death wise. But one thing that seems to go unnoticed in New York is sexual assault that happens in the trains. I’m going to be revising my Unit 3 into Sexual Assault in the MTA and what we can to prevent it or report it right away so any women would feel safe in the trains. Right now I might plan to change genres from a brochure to a letter/essay(or maybe an Ad of somesort). The Audience I want will most likely be women who feel that they don’t have a way to report being sexualy assaulted or women who haven’t experienced sexual assault but find a way to report/ prevent it .

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