Noise Pollution

Giuseppe Biondi

English 1121

Dr. Hall

Final Draft


Noise Pollution

Dear New Yorkers,

Nowadays with advanced technologies in the world, cities are evolving to bigger and bigger cities everyday coming, but they also bring disadvantages. New York on of the biggest cities of the United States, has many problems that big cities encounter during their evolution like noise pollution, but that with the technologies that we have today can be solved with the right amount of founding. What many people experience in big cities can affect them for the rest of their life.

Noise pollution is one of the main problems that me and all New Yorker are experiencing every moment of our life. All of us can act differently of what the problem is, like people can install noise cancelling windows and doors, which are very expensive, or they just have to deal with it. All New Yorkers that do take the train have to deal with the enormous sound that the train makes while moving in the railroad. All of this can seem trivial, but can bring to sides effects. As a matter of fact, noise pollution can damage physiological and psychological health. high blood pressure, stress related illness, sleep disruption, hearing loss, and productivity loss are the problems related to noise pollution. It can also cause memory loss, severe depression, and panic attacks.

Through the years there are been many experiment on the effect that noise pollution has on people. Exposure to prolonged or excessive noise has been shown to cause a range of health problems ranging from stress, poor concentration, productivity losses in the workplace, and communication difficulties and fatigue from lack of sleep, to more serious issues such as cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, tinnitus and hearing loss. In 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report titled ‘Burden of disease from environmental noise’. This study collated data from various large-scale epidemiological studies of environmental noise in Western Europe, collected over a 10-year period. The studies analyzed environmental noise from planes, trains and vehicles, as well as other city sources, and then looked at links to health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, sleep disturbance, tinnitus, cognitive impairment in children, and annoyance. As we can see from the result gathered by the experiments Noise Pollution can really affect people in a bad way.

Today there are many ways which can help us reduce noise pollution. Many of them are simple and others a little more complicated but with the right approach all of them can be applied in our daily lives. A list of methods to help reduce Noise Pollution are: Turn off Appliances at Home and offices, Shut the Door when using noisy Machines, Use Earplugs, Lower the volume, Stay away from Noisy area, Follow the Limits of Noise level, Control Noise level near sensitive areas, Go Green by planning trees, Create Healthy noise to eliminate unwanted noise, Use Noise absorbents in noisy machineries, Use Proper Lubrication and Better maintenance, Notify Authorities about Disobedience of Noise Rules, Regularly check noise levels. The first two that I would recommend to our city Mayor are installing traffic signs that prohibits people that are driving to horn, and they can only use it in case of emergency. The second method that I would recommend is to plant trees which help to reduce sound. According to studies it can reduce noise by 5 to 10 decibels Db around them, and also to make look the city greener, because what I see when I walk in the streets are just buildings, so it’s a good way to make the city look like not a big city I guess. All these methods are simple to apply to our daily lives so why not? They can reduce a lot of problems so there are no reasons why we shouldn’t.

Almost everyone in New York doesn’t seem like to understand why they are mad to everyone that pass their way, and maybe the answer is Noise Pollution. Now why aren’t out there a lot of articles by New York journalist’s appealing to this problem? Well I have the answer, because many of us just deal with it. This is what brings everything to a bad end, because the fact that we don’t care, never brings us to a happy ending and I get it, maybe people do not have the money to solve the problem, but when people are unable to solve problems we can always appeal to our Mayor or the Government and who knows maybe we’ll have a happy ending, but if we don’t get our voice heard then no one will care about what we think the problem is. So I’m appealing to the New Yorkers to help me get this message to the Mayor and if of course we do show him a lot of interest on the problem I’m sure that he will help us solve it, and by reducing Noise Pollution the environment and the people will only benefit from it.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                    Giuseppe Biondi

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