Noise Pollution

The first article that I read was written by Ben Wellington and it basically talks about various types of noise pollution in New York and who makes them. Also the article is full of charts that show the amount of noise pollution in the city and also the amount of complains so that it is more understandable where all these noises are coming from and by that I mean the places of the city. Also what is interesting about the article is that there is one chart that shows all the calls people make because of the noise and the time they were complaining or just calling 311 to complain. The chart can be used to better show evidence of the problem and how to best solve it so that people stop complaining and everyone can live without being disrupted by noises. The link to this article is: new-york-noise-complaints The second article that I took a look at was written by Daniel Scheffler. It talks about some ways of how we can reduce noise pollution and he has a lot of good solution like having sound isolation windows which should be start to be used more in the market the only bad thing about it is that maybe they’ll cost more than a normal window that everyone has in there houseThe link to this article is:

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  1. This is pretty short. When writing a report of this nature, that’s meant to help your group members understand the situation, it would help to let others know a little bit about what the memos said. For example, in your first article, you should TELL your group members where the city is actually noisy and where people are just complaining!

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