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Latrell Greene

ENG 1121

Dr. Hall


Noise Pollution Memo

Noise pollution being ever-present in big cities like NYC, can lead to health effects that range from levels of both physical health effects, to psychological.  A multitude of studies have been conducted on the effects of noise pollution on the human mind and body, which goes to show how prominent the problem is.

According to a study 2011 study from the German Department of Environmental Health, “Noise from transportation is by far the most widespread source of noise exposure, causing most annoyance and public health concerns.”

A 2000 study conducted research on the effects of noise pollution on humans. The effects included, “Noise Induced Hearing Impairment”, “Stress Related Health Effects”, “Sleep Disturbance” and “Effects on [Cognitive] Performance”

A study from 1995 by Journal of Hypertension featured conducted research on the effects of urban noise pollution on blood pressure and heart rate in preschool children, and concluded that “the group mean blood pressure and heart rate values of preschool children from quiet areas contrasted with readings for those from noisy environments. This indicates a positive association between the level of traffic noise and a possibly increased role of sympathetic cardiovascular regulatory influence. ”

Noise pollution’s effects could be solved by targeting policies, or policy makers, since the policies are what can control the level of noise in a city. A reasonable noise threshold that can be upheld by law/policy would be very beneficial for people since people can be affected.




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