MTA-System Problems

                  The MTA is controlled by New York State but it is an independent cooperation. The governor for New York which is Andrew Cuomo stated as recently as the Tuesday we just passed that the problem with MTA is that no one is in charge and if no one is in charge problems will continue to occur. He then tried to put himself in charge which was assumed he already had that position this is not true. The governor is actually who is to be blamed. The MTA board has 14 voting member and their jobs are to review,approve and monitor fundamental financial and business strategies as well as major actions but none of these say anything about improving the health issues or taking the homeless people off the train carts. That is an issue for the people to deal with so it seems. Something that we cannot fix because it’s inevitable and also to public. A lot of the things we want to be able to change involving the MTA will always be black-balled because of its public setting.                       Secondly, the system’s functions that run on our trains today are old and not just 5-10 years old but in fact centuries. This causes trains to slow down, the technology that are used for train systems control the speed  as well as stopping sand starting the subway trains. However the MTA does plan on changing this to a newer system that runs how our world runs today, busy and fast. Red lights, green and yellow are some signal systems that trains use today for blocking and proceeding train routes and all of these are used to increase the consistent train flow underground so train conductors know where they are going as well as best serving subway riders.                                                                                                                                                                   Governor Cuomo says that nobody is in charge of the subway affairs and this is the problem so maybe he should take full responsibility or place it in the hands of someone who can because without someone in charge any change at all will be difficult to see. The MTA board has an impact on most of things surrounding the subways so solutions that are thought out and will help things runs smoothly down there isn’t such a bad idea. If anything someone needs to be the voice to say “hey, someone needs to fix this we can no longer deal with the sudden disruptions anymore” for things to get done. If you plan to leave your house to catch a certain train then timed when that train will arrive at your stop so that you can be on time for work or class, you should be able to follow through with that plan. Trains are public yes! Yet this is no excuse for the quality millions of riders deserve when their taxes are going to it and they pay their fare. They should be organized and on time for the people.                                                                                         

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