Keep It Up!! – Waleed Qureshi

Waleed Qureshi 

ENG 1121 

Dr. Carrie Hall 



Keep it up (Laga Reh) is a song by Shahzad Roy which conveys to the people that all most people do is complain about what is going wrong and all they do is just talk. They talk about the ways people should improve the society but do nothing and even when the singer is trying to motivate the people by also telling them about the problems, the people just come up with one question, “so what should we do”. I am planning to make a comic page which shows the main idea of my pop culture artifact depicting how people are similar to sleeping when they are asked to work for themselves. I did almost end up giving up this idea because I thought that there is no way I can explain the song to the audience because of its difference in language. I did start off with the Idea that I should make a sketch but then I realized that the sketch would not be much help because there is not much that I can fit into the sketch. Since I am somewhat good with art, drawing was the only thing I could think of when thinking about this piece. Later I realized that I can also create a comic page when I was going through my old drawings and I found the comic page that I once made for my very own story but ended up abandoning later. Though it did disappoint me that I forgot about the piece, but I ended up realizing that a comic page was what I needed. 

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