Mentor Article Influence

Pavel Nunez


English 1121

Dr. Carrie Hall


Based on the mentor article, what influenced me about it was what looked like a disclaimer said “Before reading the article” and from there it explains what is the event and what’s occurring about it and the effects of it, it basically gives all the important details in the beginning so you have an idea what the rest will be about.


I will probably add this to my essay because the author is aware of what people will think right away so they try to get all the facts out in the beginning before reading the actual article and won’t develop a bia’s of some sort.

What I will try to avoid though is the amount of questions being asked, I don’t want the reader to go off topic trying to answer questions, I want them to focus on the article and summarize it

I will try to engage a normal middle class people audience since that’s the majority of the people here in the U.S. I will try to use statistics and data to engage the audience, like the amount of people killed by drugs(since that is my topic) and also use  a formal type of writing so that it will be easy to understand for everyone.


I see some of the mentor article elements  going into my essay because some of it fits well with the topic that  I’m going to talk about (which is drugs). It also use information from another source and writes it in quotes as evidence to talk about the topic and its impacts, So I’m going to use this in my article as well

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