Mentor Article

In my paper I will talk about suicide among celebrities and how they can affect other people lives. Suicide is a serious problem in society with a steady increasing rate each year. This is one of the many reasons I wanted to talk about the issue. My mentor article is written by Quintin Fottrell and the title of the article he wrote is “Studies show suicides increase in the months after a celebrity takes their own life”. In this article Fottrell is using a lot of evidence to show all his points, this is one of the many things I want to get done in my publication too, because that way if you support your thoughts then you’re more likely to be credible. What I would like to avoid is repeating myself, and what I mean is that, sometimes people to make things clear they’ll repeat themselves during their writings, this is what I hate about some writers, so I’ll try my best to make things clear before I start another crucial point in my publication. I think that my article could feet my mentor article because, it will add more details to the main point of both articles with more complex examples and more explanation on the topic I chose. The audience in this case I think should be regarded to everyone in the world because the main point, is that everyone should know about it, so I will not refer to a specific group of people. To engage more and more people to read this article I will try to make the article very easy to understand and also explaining how can the problem be prevented from happening.

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