Logic 1-800-273-8255

What I plan on drawing is a kid walking down a hallway crying and kids and a bunch of kids pointing at him and laughing at him as he is walking down the hallway. The reason that I am creating a drawing on this song is because this is song is about suicide and bullying plays a major role in kids suiciding. Suiciding is a major issue in the world but I feel that people don’t take that topic that seriously. It continues to happen in this world and people keep going on and on by saying hurtful things to kids and they end up hurting themselves. The difficulty I had was the thought of that to draw and show in my drawing the hurt in someone without actually showing them in the image. Then I ended up thinking a bit hardier and came up with the idea of drawing hurt kid walking down the hallway. As I was drawing the artwork I actually realized how miserable other peoples life can be. Many people around this world till this day either want to hurt themselves or kill themselves but it is the matter of the people around them that can change that. I am talking about just always being nice to someone you never know what someone can be going through even just giving them a smile or talking to them about something nice can make them feel better about themselves and you never want to add onto someones pain.

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