Mentor Article

David Wu


Prof. Hall

Eng 1121

The mentor article I chose that was interesting to me was short, simple and straight to the point. With the article being short and simple it is easier to understand and remember. The author analyzes the song and music video thoroughly to explain the whole idea and concept in a short amount of time. In the article, the author explains how Kendrick’s “Alright” goes about on police brutality. The author deconstructs the video and explains the important scenes and lyrics of the video on how it tackles on the social issue. I see the article fitting in the publication I chose because most of the audience who views this mentor article are African Americans of all ages. The topic of police brutality will definitely engage the audience since the problem of police violence against African Americans has been a relatively popular of nationwide discussions about race. The language will also engage the audience since Kendrick is not afraid to get into politics and use his voice to drive movements that matters to him. The song, which has served as the rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement, seemed to speak directly to the audience facing a time of increased tension to show that black lives matter too.

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