Swimsuit Manifesto

(I felt like a nut after writing this) https://books.google.com/books/about/Manifesto_of_the_Communist_Party.html?id=s2iEeCJAlusC&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button#v=onepage&q&f=false

Nicholas Wojno

English 1121

Dr. Hall

March 12th, 2019

Swimsuit Manifesto

A cold is setting in across the gaming scene and users are simply bundling up and letting the cold numb their senses. They stare ahead as the winds freeze them head to toe, leaving them oblivious to what is going on around them. The blizzard rages on and shows no signs of stopping. A select few keep the lights turned down low and embrace what is happening fully well, and even fewer are trying to figure out how to make things right. This cold is being artificially made by game developers throughout the industry. Tecmo with Dead or Alive, Riot Games with League of Legends, Blizzard with Overwatch, and Yostar with Azur Lane.

Yet when these developers stop by the users to sell them their coats and gloves, do they ever speak of the cold? They merely tell the quality of their product and give the users a price. The users ask no questions, but the developers still push out their products and take advantage of their users ‘needs’.

What is needed to be done is someone who is outside the blizzard made by these corporations and shine sunlight through the snow. Show the loyal gamers of these companies that the fan service that they put out, should be questioned. For how long can the gaming scene stay quiet for as the gaming scene paints a picture of what is to be stunning and which to be unwanted? How long shall people let the developer pick at the wallets of their users by baiting out false fantasies created by an image that sets unfair expectations for the opposite sex?

This abuse of fantasies brings about a dynamic that has been prevalent since the times of the Romans. The Plebeian and the Patrician, the surf and the lord, the guildmaster and the journeyman, the freeman and the slave. This dynamic can be simply put as the oppressor and the oppressed. When a child requests a game and their parents purchase it for them to be a distraction while they’re busy, the child is already being molded by these game developers into a certain frame of mind. The child is lured in to a false sense of security and mostly sees beautiful and kind women, while men are of the widest variety that you may think of. How does one expect this child to establish a proper mindset?

There are many who have already fallen to this mindset and are being lead by a string by the game developers. For once they have established a grip, they release newer visuals for the user to purchase that are typically skimpier for female characters. The game developers allow for the user to build a sense of trust and attachment to these characters as they spend more and more on the game and content produced by the developer. The amount of time spent becomes questioned, and some true fanatics who have fallen prey to this idealism believe the most outrageous, that the women on their screens must be held above all else and must be protected from slander.

This is why I propose that we must rise and break the users that the game developers have entranced under their will with force. For who else will save these souls and establish a better mindset for these people? Who will light the torch and march into the blizzard and burn a fire that melts all the snow away and to become a shining beacon of light to all those for all those who see may come and gather? How else may we do this, if not without force of will and power?

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