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Before the mid 1900’s, there hasn’t been many acceptance to people who identify as LGBTQ+. It wasn’t until the Trump administration has begun to narrowing the biology between male and female.

Being aware at a very young age can be very drastic to many people. When coming out to their parents can be very difficult and for them to understand the way the child may think. They may believe they might’ve nurtured them in a way that affected their perspective in life. While there are some researchers that say its the nature, down the biological psychology.

In the events of the first announcements of Trump’s administration plan to thin out the terms of gender to the biological male and female characteristics. There were many groups of protesters that are fighting for their rights.

Until recently, the Trump administration has begun to change the laws that has protect people of LGBTQ+ under Title lX. This can be very drastic to individuals this can remove centers that offers healthcare, therapy, programs, and etc. This can lead to impactful things in cases that will remove the term out of the millions of people in the United States that are comfortable of who they define as. There are also people who are still not out there to society because of the dangers that are imposed by these changes as increase to discrimination towards these individuals.

Another action that Trump has done was by removing everyone who identify as transgender to resign from the military. This lead to impacts to individuals of what they may be more passionate in serving their country, but now they can’t.

As time is moving on, there are many people hiding their confidentiality even today to their parents or friends because of uncertainty if they will be accepted. Now after Trump has proposed this new identification, people would have to be even more aware because that shows how our society is moving forward today in our era.

There has been implementation that individuals are treated equally in educational environment such as the implementation of unisex bathrooms, dorms, programs that are individual sex, and more.

However New York City is a great place to live in, because NYC isn’t affected too much by its own regulations. New York City has even pushed for the rights of a person to use a single-sex bathroom that aligns with their identity.

Even now, there are many social problems that LGBTQ+ face other than political affairs such as the individual’s peers, friends, classmates/co-workers, and even their families. This can cause communities to be even more supportive than ever when we are in a century with a lot of hate caused by the current president.


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