Pop Culture Response

I read the article by Hilton Al’s responding to the album “Lemonade” by Beyonce, what came to my mind right after reading the article is that Beyonce wants to show everyone that girls do not need a man to accomplish something in their career. While before reading the article I thought, that the album was going to be about Jay Z being unfaithful to the female singer. Also what I think Beyonce was trying to do in the album was to sort of encourage all females in the world to do more, and not just waiting for other to do so and when bad things happen, just try your best to get over it (Like what she has done after Jay Z cheating on her). What I didn’t understand was why was Beyonce at the end of the video “Formation” sitting on top of a police car. Did she wanted to show a police car to represent the government? This is the only thing I did not understand about the video “Formation”.

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