Reading bell hook bought up one main question. what do women go through? not just african american women but just women in general. if beyonce has to make song to shine some light on women enpowerment that means we are not doing something right in this world. lemonade was something girls used to sell and often get the saying “get your money straight . Meaning women can earn just like men and take care of themselves. I think beyonce was making a reference to remind everyone that females have power. It says beyonce “wreaks violence”. I don’t agree with that brcaise in the music video I don’t think she wasn’t showing that much violence and wasn’t promoting it either . Bell hooks states that Beyoncé’s “feminism can’t be trusted “. Which throws me off because am I supposed to believe beyonce or the author . It feels confusing about reading a article where the author dosent trust the person she’s writing about.

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