Pop Culture Response

I read Hilton Als’ response about Beyonce’s Lemonade video is that it is almost like a guideline for female empowerment. On the last page Hilton said ” Instead of diving deeper into her art, Beyonce gives the world formulas”. This leads me to believe that Beyonce is trying to empower women but they can only do that themselves. She is just laying the ground work for them to actually bring about any kind of change. Hilton also kind of brings up how in this current generation it almost seems like we have “forgotten” about our past. On the fourth page, Hilton brings up how Beyonce’s opening in “Formation” is a call back to Messy Mya and how it kind of brings the song back to southern roots. We kind of are moving on in life so past traditions get left behind. Beyonce is trying to grab at those past traditions and bring them back.

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