What the writer is saying about “Lemonade” that I find interesting is how it represents the black female’s images. The author explains how Beyonce’s album attracts the audience of black females and how the black female body comes in all sizes, shapes, and textures with all manner of big hair. The writer makes me have an understanding of how the album depicts images of a black woman’s life. There always the victim. What I learned from this article is that Lemonade was basically a message to the world about what the black female goes through. All this time I thought it was just about how Jay-Z allegedly cheated on beyonce, but it’s a deeper meaning to that. Beyonce being the victim which makes her album portrays the black female as always the victim in mostly every situation they go through. What I want to do in my writing that the writer does in theirs use distinctive words and phrases and vocabulary that connect with their reader with what is going on in society today. Also, in my pop culture assignment, I want to explain how the situations the person I chose went through made them the person they are today and how they had a big impact on their audience.

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