Response to Readings

Edison Verdugo

The education system in America, New York to be more specific, is all over the place. It is not engaging, boring, and is leading to non productiveness. Based on the readings, we can come to the conclusion that something needs to be done to engage the students because school at the moment is boring, stressful and it feels like work. This should not be the case. Another problem I have seen is that one’s education is determined by the district we reside in. You see this when schools prioritize students that live in their district. Education should be equally accessible to every child and not by some lines dividing parts of the city.
We live in a world where technology is accessible everywhere we go. Everywhere we step foot, were exposed to technology. Even at McDonald’s with those huge tablet-like machines where you can order your food. The only place where we don’t see as much technology is at school. It’s even prohibited. When we’re that exposed to technology and then go to a classroom setting where everything just feels so old and dull, and where technology for the most part does not take place, you better believe school will be boring.
As technology evolves so should schools. They should keep up with the never ending technology and put it to good use into classrooms rather then prohibiting it.

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