Response to Group Essays 2/19/2019

The personal pieces about learning experiences that are meaningful, written by my group deepen my knowledge about what exactly needs to be improved on in the modern education system. In all the pieces, there were ways in which they were learning something important to them that weren’t exactly synonymous with the way the modern education system teaches students, like learning from video games, a form of entertainment that isn’t normally looked upon as a good source for education, and having those video games teach you things about history and perhaps even problem solving skills that can be helpful in life. Games outside of just video games that can take place in the real world, like basketball and other sports even has the potential to teach the value of time management, and the lesson that refining your skills is more valuable than relying on luck when aiming for achievement. It showcases the lesson that hard work is the most reliable way to victory, and this holds true unanimously among so many aspects of real life. We often glaze over some of the aspects of life that we enjoy when it comes to the topic of education, while at the same time believing that the best way for someone young and impressionable educated is to sit in a non-stimulating classroom all day learning about things they don’t really care about or find interesting. Perhaps we could make learning better for kids by seriously considering modern entertainment, like video games and T.V, and using that to teach them things that are valuable for them to learn.

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