Response to group essay

Amani Nassar

English 1121

Dr. Hall

After reading my groups essay, I realized that we all had a similar theme of having two different situations in which we had to adapt to. My essay was focused around having to combine my cultures, some of the essay’s from my group focused on different school environments, another essay was about moving from one country to now New York City, and so. From reading all the essay I think we all agreed on how not only the teachers can affect our learning, but the environment within the school can also affect our learning too. To better our education system teachers and even principals should be more understanding and not judgmental to students. Everyone has a different way of learning and yet we are still forced to follow the same rules dictated by those who have control over our learning. There needs to be a balance of strictness that is more flexible within schools that doesn’t make students feel like they can’t be themselves or causes them to grow a hate not only for the school but for learning as well.

The learning environment is also very important in schools that are created by not the staff members, but also from the students in the school. One of my group members speaks about her experience with students from Columbia and her experience here in the United States. The students were more welcoming and wanted to start a friendship whereas here in the U.S. our teachers may be more likely to spark a connection between students at a younger grade level. There might be a way to change students behavior to make them more friendly and decrease bullying, but certain behaviors often come from home and not necessarily the school environment. Even though these behaviors may start at home, there can still be a way to encourage better relationships throughout schools in the United States.

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