Outside the Bricks

While attending school, everyone will usually talk about English, math, or science. Every other subject is typically generalized or never mentioned for being considered an extra class. Taking a physical education or arts doesn’t even get considered an actual subject that affects academics heavily. It’s easy to forget that things like arts are apart of education too. Learning doesn’t have to be about where certain punctuation can go or how to add some numbers. For example, Michael learned how much small interactions can mean to certain people. That’s a lesson most people won’t even consider to be as education. The current education system focuses a bit too much on math and English, this can be seen through standardized testing. The two subjects, math and English, are probably what hold back students across the country. Looking back at when I took the Catholic high school standardized test, I only got into my high school for something that didn’t test my math or English proficiency, but my ability to learn. There was a whole section grades called ability which simply tested your ability to understand and solve puzzles quickly. I kind of wish that education tested students in a variety of topics that test ability in some form and apply an education to their strengths. It’s a bit of a utopian idea but it’s something that would help many people learn things outside of words and numbers. But then again, there are some things that only life experiences can teach, such as a fear of falling under the pressure  or how much of a difference you can make by yourself.

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