Essay Response

After reading my groups past experiences with the education system one of the main problems I saw in common was bullying. Bullying has been around forever and I honestly don’t think it’ll be something that can be fully stopped but I do believe the education system has noticed this but has only made a small effort to do something about it. Nowadays we hear in the news about young kids, from kindergarten to high school committing suicide due to bullying, while my groups experiences may not have been anywhere near this severe it’s still within the same realm. The Netflix show 13 shed some light on how someone can be pushed over the edge over a matter of time but also how the school counselor did not know how to properly handle the situation. One of my classmates wrote about how she was being bullied by other students simply because she was new to the country, but luckily received helped from classmates  “Some of my classmates help me to face the situation and help me to inform our teachers.” One way the education system can help stop bullying is by reaching out to both students and teachers, giving teachers the appropriate training on when to notice when a child may be acting different or singled out because of bullying before it’s too late, sometimes it’s hard for a victim of bullying to seek help so maybe teachers can be the ones to reach out first. Also informing students of the outcomes that come from bullying as well as an appropriate punishment if they take part of it.

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