Ife Ajayi
Prof. Hall
Eng 1121
19 February 2019

While reading my groups writing on their experiences with education so far I realized that we all have something in common. We all dealt with circumstances that made us who we are today. Schooling wasn’t an easy process for any of us, we all struggled, whether it had to do with passing courses or getting bullied. But we all made it through, we didn’t let any of the obstacles thrown our way define or get the better of us. Something else I realized is we all in some way think that the education system in America is failing a lot of students. Failing as in bringing students down and not allowing them to reach their full potential. In school, a lot of students don’t feel comfortable expressing themselves in classes simply because of fear. They fear being made fun of or their responses not being good enough for teachers. Obviously in classes like math there is usually only one answer. It’s either you’re right or wrong, so this doesn’t apply to math. But in classes like English students should be able to express themselves the way they know how to without getting judged or criticized by harsh teachers. This doesn’t mean that students who are completely off topic shouldn’t be corrected. Teachers just need to do a better job at responding to students who clearly are struggling with their education and need all the help they can get. One step in bettering education in America is evaluating teachers for real. There are some teachers out there who honestly don’t deserve their job. The surveys that they make students fill out on teachers anonymously is nothing but nonsense. A teacher could have the lowest rating and only negative comments and you’d still catch them working at their school the next term. So then the question is what is the point of the surveys if bad teachers still continue working and making students lives worse than they already are? The D.O.E should actually look at the surveys and take them into consideration because it’s obvious that they don’t.

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