Minhaj Uddin

Professor Hall

English 1121

January 18, 2019

I feel that the problem is always taking test because many people may not be the best test takers in the world. There are many people in the world that are very smart at doing what they do but when they take a test they fail there test because they are not great test takers. Many people study for there test but when it comes time for the test they end up forgetting what they study for. Many people end up getting nervous and then fail. I feel that it is the wrong thing to do because some of the test we take basically some up everything we learned such as the SAT because if you don’t get a good grade on that then you wouldn’t get into a good college even if u did good in your classes in high school.

The way I feel that can be fixed is if they made tests a smaller percentage and they evened everything out, so your homework percentage goes up and your project percentage go up as well. Even if they make you do a really big project as well to because doing a project over time it wouldn’t be as bad because you can research and you can take your time and doing a project at home it wouldn’t be that much stress as taking a test. That gives you a better option and a better learning because when you do a project you would have to read and then write or do what is need to be done for the project.

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