A Response to The Group Essays by Michael Vignoles

Michael Vignoles

Dr. Hall


From my experience with school the main issue is that we are teaching kids to memorize facts and formulas. We excuse memorization as learning. The problem with schools and tests is that we were memorizing facts for that particular subject or text at the time. I forgot what I memorized and unable to make confident decisions as a young adult. We’re teaching students that failing a test is the end of the world, yet as a young adult we make endless mistakes and learn from them. I truly believe that every individuals learns effectively in different ways and the education system and teachers should invest more time with student individually. Some students learn effectively by memorizing and putting that information into the real world which is great. However, after reading my group essays is showing that school in general does not give you life lessons and information that would truly help us in the real world.

In “Under Pressure” by Latrell Greene; his teacher gave him the chance to perform in front of a large audience ultimately allowing Latrell get over the fear of anxiety while performing in public. In “More Than A Game” by David Wu; he talks about how playing basketball taught him life lessons like to never give up, and that life is not going to be fair all the time. My favorite quote from him was “There are high and lows but you continue to give whatever you do your very best you will always emerge victorious”. In both these stories Latrell and David both learned life lessons that sitting in a classroom will never teach you.

“Pixelated Thoughts” by Nicholas Wojino and “Video Games Taught Me More than School Ever Did” Erik Yan but mention how video games taught them how to communicate, work with a team,  write with proper english and multitask. Both stories are evidence that not everyone learns and are engaged in topics the same ways. Nicholas talks about how society  make playing videos games as a brain washing violences enhancer. Furthermore, Nicholas and Erik outcomes suggest a that video games can teach them things that school cannot.

Every student learns differently. The education system and teachers need to adapt to each students as individuals. The School System uses the same format back when schools were still segregated. Student learns most effectively when they are interested and engaged on the topic. Everyone learns differently; if it’s being taught hands on, in real life mistakes, or memorizing facts. A good teacher should find ways to engage their students to help them feel stimulated and want to actually learn.   

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