Hend Elwahwah

English 1121

Dr. Hall


Some ways that I think that could improve the education system based on reading my peers essays would be having teachers that don’t belittle you or single you out based on your appearance or religion. Or based on your knowledge. I had many experiences where I would get belittled and compared to others which really could mess with a person. I think a way that could improve the education system is to train the teachers better on how to deal with students, whether it’s education wise or not. You never know what the student is going through outside of school. Also, another way that I think could improve an education system is not base your entire grade based on one final exam. That’s really messed up and is not fair because what if a student wasn’t feeling good on the day of the final? Or is going through something mentally or physically? You could be getting As in every assignment but if you mess up in the final you basically fail the class. All the hard work and effort goes to the garbage, that’s one major thing that should definitely change in the education system. That actually happened to me before in high school during junior year. I went through alot mentally. Anxiety, depression, it was a lot to handle with school. It also affected my health so I ended up going to the hospital and stayed there for several weeks to get better. That was toward the end of my junior year and it was around finals week when i forced myself to attend school so i could pass junior year. All year i was doing great in all my classes and getting straight As. Highschool wasn’t as hard. But my finals messed me up because of my mental and physical health, i couldn’t focus. All because the education system gives you your final grade based on one exam which is the final. Which lead to me not doing so good in the classes because it was all based on the final. In my opinion, that should really change. Not only that it isn’t fair, but also it’s a burden on many of our (students) backs and has us so stressed that we could mess up on the final.


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