Gilyard Waleed

Waleed Qureshi 

Carrie Hall 



The thing I like about this story is that while Gilyard is presenting his story, he is giving us ways in which we can visualize the scene and the situation he is trying to convey. This form of storytelling is used when he is describing how Wallace tried to stop him when he was about to go rob a man coming down the stairs of the train station and then Gilyard eventually getting caught eventually by the police officer that was at the corner of the street. Another thing I like about this story is how Gilyard expresses his emotions and how relatable this story was. This part is shown when Gilyard is greeted by his mother at the jail and his mother with complete anger says this phrase, “I guess you’re satisfied”.  This phrase showed us how disappointed his mother was, and this might be relatable to many people because nobody in his life has never disappointed someone and I know that even though I never intend to, I have. A thing that I did not like about this story was that I don’t know if the writer was supporting different people or not because in the start he called random white people as targets but in the end he supported every person from different parts of the world as equals with their own Englishes.

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