Response to Gilyard’s “Voice of the self”


While reading “Voices of the self” by Keith Gilyard, his background is easy to understand because I have been to the areas such as “a rehabilitation center over on 14th street”. So it was easy to imagine myself there in his setting-imagery. Gilyard also includes demographics that shows the diversity is expanding and also credited his resources, “Whitaker (1989) reports that because of low pay, undesirable work conditions, and overall frustration with school systems”. However, I would not like to write a research paper in the conclusion. While there are some things that can easily relate to things that happened around me, was how this story was very similar to the people that I had encountered. Such as students doing drugs in school and not even attending, and they still graduate like the rest of the students. However its nice that Keith was given the opportunity to graduate high school, even though he has been sent to jail. Another thing that I liked about this story and that I would prefer in my writings is the use of first person perspective. I do not like how this story has people talking to another individual, as reading from a 3rd person perspective, and would prefer his usual first person- his life. In my opinion, I though the story was okay.

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