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After reading this article, I learned a lot about the process of inspecting beef which was disturbing. They go into a lot of detail about what they do and even explain how the cow looked scared for their life before getting killed. These are things we usually don’t think about in our day-to-day lives, so when you do read something like this, it can be eye-opening. What shocked me the most was when they went into detail about how they cut each body part of the cow to be inspected. That job is definitely overwhelming, and I don’t think I could ever do that. When I eat any kind of meat, I try my best to not really think about what I’m eating or else I will feel disgusted and just not eat, but after reading this, I’ll probably take a break from beef for a little while.

Christopher Minott

After reading the article, I learned that some main factors driving restaurants to raise their prices are climate change, COVID, and the war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine provide the majority of sunflower oil, and because of the war, Ukraine can’t trade with other countries, so prices of oil rise. Another factor I saw in the article was the lack of workers. The restaurant mentioned in the article had to cut down on how many days they were open because of the lack of workers. Overall, prices increasing, lack of workers, gas, and increase in takeout are why prices on menus are increasing

I think it’s unfortunate that these restaurant owners have to raise their prices due to outside factors that they can’t control. I never thought about how a war that we aren’t even involved in could affect restaurant businesses. Also, I didn’t realize how every single component whether big or small can have a huge impact on the prices of dishes. Climate change isn’t ending anytime soon, it gets worse and worse by the year, so I think this article can help a lot of people in the business open their eyes up and take care of the environment more. The only people who can make a change are us. After we deal with climate change, that’s one less problem everyone has to deal with. I know customers are upset by the price increase on foods, but there’s really too much restaurant owners can do. They have to try to survive just like us and if prices of ingredients are increasing, then prices of the overall meal have to increase, so they are making a profit.