Week 1

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Housekeeping: Course and site review

Unit 1: Education

Week 2

  • Mike Bunn, “How to Read Like a Writer” pages 1-6 (2011)
  • Reading strategies:  annotating, understanding main ideas, considering how reading and writing work together (IRW principles), summarizing
  • Hellman, How to Write A Summary  PPT
  • Create free New York Times account
  • Reading strategies: annotating, distinguishing main ideas from examples and details, summarizing and responding

Week 3

Week 4

  • Unit 1 Outline due
  • Barack Obama, A Promised Land (excerpt)
  • Barack Obama Vanity Fair Interview on new book
  • Examples and details: What are President Obama’s main ideas, and what are the corresponding examples he uses to illustrate them? What does President Obama articulate is the goal of his writing? Do you think he achieves this goal in the excerpt? Why/why not?
  • Quote integration and quote sandwich; assignment formatting; titles
  • Schedule writing conference

Week 5

  • Unit 1 Rough Draft due in Google Drive
  • Revising and proofreading. How can a piece of writing be improved? What does it mean to revise? Revision components: argument, structure, development, grammar, word choice, sentence structure. What does it mean to proofread?
  • Peer review
  • Revise Unit 1 essay with feedback from Professor, peer review partner

Week 6

  • Unit 1 due in Google Drive

Unit 2: Reflective Annotated Bibliography (Good Trouble)

  • John Lewis, CCNY 2019 Commencement Speech
  • John Lewis, “Together, You Can Redeem the Soul of Our Nation
  • Prof. Hellman, Understanding Unit 2 PPT
  • Read Lewis’s editorial and watch his CCNY speech. What is important about his life story? What does he mean by good trouble? Do you think you have ever pursued, or wanted to pursue, good trouble in your own life? Explain.
  • Write a 1-paragraph Unit 2 topic proposal: what it is, why you’re interested in it, what you think or know about it already, and some potential questions you have. At the end, include a preliminary list of sources in different genres that you plan to consult
  • Respond to two of your colleagues’ proposals (how to narrow down topic, possible source suggestion, something you find cool or interesting about the proposal).

Week 7

  • Unit 2 & RAB Continued
  • Rhetorical analysis and determining representative quotations
  • Flesh out your bibliography to generate a rough draft of your Unit 2 Project

Week 8

  • Unit 2 Rough Draft Due in Google Drive
  • Share draft with peer reviewer
  • Use feedback to revise draft and prepare final version with cover page reflection

Week 9

  • Unit 2 Due in Google Drive

 Unit 3: Genre Determination (Good Trouble: From the Classroom to the Community)

  • Annie Correal, “Love and Black Lives, in Pictures Found on a Brooklyn Street” (2017)
  • Podcast: FOUND: “To My Darling Etta Mae
  • City Tech Zoom Event with Annie Correal (2020)
  • Consider ideas, photos, and genre for Correal’s text and podcast. How do the article and podcast differ?
  • Prof. But, “ENG1101CO Genre Demo” PPT
  • Write a 1-paragraph proposal for Unit 3. Include which genre and writing style best suit your project, and your intended audience
  • Read classmates’ posts and respond to 2:  What do you find interesting about their topic? What do you want to know more about? Can you recommend a specific publication or website you think the author could write for? Which genre could you imagine working well for this project? Is there something useful you could share about your own media consumption habits?

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

  • Unit 3 Workshop: Outline due
  • Use your outline and annotated bibliography to generate a rough draft of Unit 3
  • Schedule writing conference

Week 13

  • Unit 3 Rough Draft due in Google Drive
  • Class presentations
  • Revision workshop

Week 14

  • Unit 3 Class Presentations continued
  • Revision workshop

Week 15

  • Unit 3 Class Presentations continued
  • Revision workshop

Week 16

  • Unit 3 Due in Google Drive

Week 17

  • Final Reflection Posts Due


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