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In Defense of the Classroom

The main idea of Professor Helman’s Article ‘In defense of the classroom” is basically everyone’s point of view how our old normal was taken advantage of and now it is gone. Paper books, hand outs, chalk boards, and basic face to face are now replaced with screens with links. As he describes “Namm 522, one of the older classroom at City tech was not glamorous” but it sure something that is missed the most. Being able to met all kinds of people from all over is now gone and teachers are greeted with black squares with names on them. Even though we are not together in a classroom I feel that we are doing this together online we should be closer because it is easier for us. Our phones are always charged and our laptops are always open. Building a online community is at the tip of our fingers– exchanging numbers, emails, and/or  social medias. My classmates for Psychology 101 made a group chat and we are always there to help, a lot of them say that no other class wants to do that but its great, I’ve met so many people in the time it took to type “@”. 

The Reader as Artist

I believe that Toni Morrison in her article “The Reader as Artist” is describing how writing and reading is more than just that but a form of art. The way readers read is based off the way the author is drawing the picture for our minds. We can read just word or we can live through the author. For example, instead of reading about a woman in a story, you can picture this woman how you believe she is suppose to be in real life. Can you relate to the characters? do it teach a lesson? based off how the author starts their stories. She also talks about how anyone can read, but going to school they teach you what it is to really read. Learn to appericate the art of it.




Hello everyone! My name is Rakib Hassan and i’m majoring in Computer Science. This is my first semester ever in City Tech and I hope to make the most of it even if it has to be virtual. I hope you all success as you’d wish yourself!

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