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Paragraph about Baldwin documentary “I am not your Negro”- Unit 2

One quote I  found important in Baldwin documentary I Am Not Your Negro is that “It is not a racial problem. It is a problem of whether or not you’re willing to look at your life and be responsible for it, and then begin to change it.” In this quote Baldwin is trying to say that your life is in your hand and it’s up to you how you want to live your life. He is saying that the problem was not about racial. Just because you are black that does not mean that you don’t deserve a good life. You should control your life and you are responsible for your own goods. You should raise your voice and fight for your rights. Fight for a good life. Black people didn’t want to change their lives. They didn’t want to look at their lives and see the truth. Because they just excepted the life they had being a negro. Baldwin was trying to tell the black people that look at your life and look at the white people’s life. You are also a human and you also deserve a life like the white people. Another quote that I found important in Baldwin documentary is that “The story of the Negro in America is the story of America, and it is not a pretty story”. In this quote he is saying that Negro made the American history. It’s a shameful history of racial inequality that took place in American history. Black people had no voice, no rights and no life. They were controlled by white people. They were getting treated unfairly by the white people. The story of negro was a sad story of black people and how they used to be treated by the White people and that was reason behind the civil rights moment happened. 


Introduce my proposed topic for unit 2

Hello! My name is Jacia Chowdhury and I am a Muslim. The topic I decided to write is about the Muslim people all around the world. We as a Muslim, we have to face so many problems everyday. Not only in middle east countries, there are more than 1 billion people in this world who faces racism everyday in their life just for being Muslim. And no one talks about it, literally no one. Like other lives Muslim lives also matter and Muslim people also has emtion, also has family. There are so many problems going on with the Muslim people all around the world right now like in China, France and Israel. When other country people see a Muslim woman/man they think they are dangerous or they are going to hurt them. No! Not at all. They are not going to hurt you. They are also human like you, a nice person with a nice heart. Some people just made their mind for Muslim people in a bad way and now they judge everyone without even knowing them. I want to talk about Muslim people lives and their rights because I think it matters too and people need to stop judging us without knowing anything about us. And Yeah also Not all Muslim are terriost, infect no Muslim are terriost. Because Islam does not allow us to kill somebody, Islam does not teach us violence and who ever does these things, they are not consider as Muslim anymore. They are just introducing themselves as a Muslim so the way they can make us bad front of the whole world

Some reliable sources that I am going to use to support my proposed topic-

“One million Muslims are being held right now in Chinese internment camps, according to estimates cited by the UN and U.S officials. they were forced to renounce Islam, criticize their own Islamic beliefs and those of fellow inmates, and recite Communist Party propaganda songs for hours each day. There are media reports of inmates being forced to eat pork and drink alcohol, which are forbidden to Muslims, as well as reports of torture and death.” 

“China Is Treating Islam Like a Mental Illness” By Sigal Samuel.

From The Atlantic.

“The government also uses this pathologizing language in an attempt to justify lengthy internments and future interventions any time officials deem Islam a threat. “It’s being treated as a mental illness that’s never guaranteed to be completely cured, like addiction or depression,” said Timothy Grose, a China expert at the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology. “There’s something mentally wrong that needs to be diagnosed, treated—and followed up with.”

“China Is Treating Islam Like a Mental Illness” By Sigal Samuel.

From The Atlantic.


“Brussels- Since a young Muslim beheaded a French schoolteacher who had shown caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in a class,France has conducted dozens of raids against suspected Islamic extremists,closed a major mosque and shut down some Muslim aid groups”.

“Muslim Countries Denounce French Response to killing of teacher, Urge Boycott” By Steven Erlanger.

From The New York Times.


“ Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has accused Mr.Macron of being divisive and encouraging Islamophobia. He said in a series of tweets-By attacking Islam, clearly without having any understanding of it, President Macron has attacked and hurt the sentiments of millions in Europe and across the world”.

“Muslim Countries Denounce French Response to killing of teacher, Urge Boycott” By Steven Erlanger.

From The New York Times.


Where I’m from by Jacia Chowdhury

 Where I’m From

Whenever I hear where I’m from it reminds me of my country and my culture. It reminds me where I belong to, it reminds me of myself, it reminds me of my life journey. 

Where I’m from, I am from a small beautiful country Bangladesh where people live with big dreams. Where I’m from, I am from a society where culture is the most important and beautiful thing. It does not matter where you go, your culture will go with you. Where I’m from, I represent my culture in me. 

Where I’m from, I am from a beautiful religion Islam. A religion that only teaches us love and peace. I am a proud Muslim. Where I’m from, I belong to a great family where every relation is important. I have a big family with grandparents, parents, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunties and friends. Where I’m from, I am from a home. The home where I live with my beautiful two sisters and my parents who I love the most.

Where I’m from, I am from Bronx, New York. I am a New Yorker who left her country and came here for a better life and for better education. I am a person with big dreams and came here to succeed in my dreams. Where I’m from, I am a freshman in college who’s daily routine is to  wake up everyday in the morning and  take classes every day. To finish all work as much as possible with virtual learning difficulties. Where I’m from, I am a neighborhood where  everyday people wake up and go to work to live. Where students are at home and looking outside through the window to see a right path to achieve their goals. 


In his speech John Lewis was talking about love and peace. He told us to spread love and positivity wherever we go. In his editorial he talked about humanity. Humanity means good behaviour as a human. Humans are made to spread peace. Doesn’t matter which ethnicity you have, doesn’t matter what country you belong to humanity comes first. I came to the United States from Bangladesh. Where I grew up. In my country everything is different than here whether it’s education or society or people’s personality. But I made myself perfect for this society, to live in this new society. I was interested in knowing these new personalities from my school or from my neighborhood. And I found out that this new journey is really enjoyable. This new society teached me so many new things. It was my good trouble and I think sometimes people also learned many good things from trouble. 





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