James Baldwin, “A Talk to Teachers” (1963) Raoul Peck, I Am Not Your Negro (Baldwin documentary)

Unit 2 Project – POST A BRAINSTORM ABOUT YOUR TOPIC —- Why does it matter to you?

Come to library day Wednesday at 11am and learn about engaging with secondary sources; annotated bibliography and research methods discussion; genre awareness continued…

·       Write a brief (1 paragraph) letter to our class about your proposed topic for Unit 2: what it is, why you’re interested in it, what you think or know about it already, and some potential questions you have. Include a preliminary list of sources in different genres that you plan to consult

·       Respond to 2 classmates’ poems on OL

·       Read at least two of your colleagues’ proposals, and comment on them. Think about the kind of feedback that might be helpful to you as you embark on this project (narrowing down topic, possible source suggestion, something you find cool or interesting about the proposal).

·       Read and consider your proposal feedback but keep in mind you as the author retain ultimate control over the direction you pursue

·       Watch Baldwin documentary I Am Not Your Negro (available on Kanopy, free with your City Tech ID card #)

·       For OL: What are two quotes you found important in Baldwin, and why?