Brandon Estevez

My thought process on education keeps on changing as I keep going through life even now. One of the main reasons why is because the way we learn keeps on changing and improving for better or worse. Education is constantly changing during modern society and being able to learn that can help you in so many different ways. The skills people learn based on what kind of education you require tend to help either you, people or society in general. As my life continues I was always told that there are multiple paths because as society grows the need for different types of education is needed creating multiple paths. My thought process on education was that  if you decided to learn or study something new it would reward you whether it would benefit you now or later in the future. I’m going to be sharing the moment in which I decided what kind of school I was going to be attending. I always thought that this was important because some high schools have unique things that are specific to them and serve as a little experience to other major decisions. 

When I was in 8th I was told that high school was going to be the craziest experience ever, scratch that my whole life since I was in the beginning of middle school I was told high school was hectic. As I was in the middle of my 8th grade year these thoughts occurred more often it was pulsing threw every inch of my body. I kept thinking when was high school going to be brought up, where, what class, was it going to be mailed first, I couldn’t contain my excitement or nervous I didn’t know which was which at the time. But later in the week Friday to be exact it happen I was in my last period of the day and my teacher stated that class would would end early and that he would discuss future event’s . He has done this before but so I didn’t put to much thought into it since I thought he was going to be talking about an upcoming test or a field trip/event that was being planned  for the grade since it was our last school year. As class mates were talking and doing work a person from the office came into our class and handed the teacher package, people were curious a first but quickly went back to what they were doing and within 10 minutes the  teacher ask everyone to stop what they were doing at to pay attention. Even though I was curious i was to tired and focused on the weekend to start guessing. The teacher being stating that this paper would be to be given to parent and return filled out and given back within the next two weeks as it was important for students. As it was being past out to each student he explain that it was for our decision of what high school we would be going to as  next year was approaching in a flash and just like that the tiredness I felt vanished and the start of a new path began.

When it was announced that  the beginning  for high school applications was starting a burst of energy was unleashed inside me, all I could think of is where do I begin. As I imagined everyone seemed to have gotten a burst of energy. Education was creating different paths and before I knew it those paths would then give new experience that would shape people, even people who are just deciding what high school to go to. As I walked home with a group of friends everyone instantly began talking about what high school they were thinking of or suggestions that there parent have brought up including me it was exciting we were being given new experience and with that new paths to choose from. As I said goodbye to my friends and continued heading home I kept thinking what should be my number one choice and so on since I was told that I had to wright multiple schools in case I couldn’t go to one or get accepted by one.  I told my parents and  began deciding on some schools but we were only brainstorming  since we had time. We thought about it multiple ways, if friends were going there, my grades, family members who were already in high school  location, etc. As I went to school and back from school high school was always at the top of my mind, multiple people talking about it as the first week out of 2 went by for high school application to be handed in

It was the beginning of the week again and as I left class I handed in my application and it felt like the weights on my shoulder were lifted I felt confident in my choices but also nervous each choice left to a different paths and experience some that would prove difficult and some that would be nice and rewarding in the future.

As I dealt with that experience it was my first taste of what education could offer and paths it could give. Education no matter which way you put it is a journey and it can take many forms, it gives all of us chance to experience or reach something new and add to who we are