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Unit 2 Proposed Topic

My proposed topic for unit 2 is Immigration. Speaking up to be able reform the conditions of facilities where they detain immigrants. I’m hoping to shed light on how inhumane and traumatic family separation is due to being an immigrant, for all parties but most of all for the children involved. I want to try and fight for immigration reform — create a path for citizenship for people already here, update the visa system. I’m Interested in this subject because I think it’s something important to talk about since our nation is made up of immigrants. I also resonate with this topic a lot since my parents were both immigrants when they came into this country. I’ve read and watched documentaries on immigration and heard stories from family and friends that are immigrants, so I know how hard it is to get a visa, I also hear about the facilities being inhumane and parents and children being separated. Some questions I have are, why are “abiding” citizens not able to stay in America? Why are facilities considered inhumane? Why do some kids go into foster care and some into facilities? Why do people want to leave their countries? Why do people seeking immediate asylum for death threats or other serious reasons sometimes not receive it? What’s the process of coming here illegally and legally? 

Some of the sources I plan to consult are listed on the bottom.

Christina Clusiau and Shaul Schwarts, creators. Immigration Nation. Netflix Productions, 2020.

Target News Service. “House Oversight Subcommittee on Civil Liberties Issues Report on Trump Administration’s Mistreatment of Detained Immigrants (Part 1 of 2).” , 2020.

Sewer Adam. “ A Crime by Any Name”, 2019.

Hayes Christal “ Thousands of immigrants pass through the southern border. Why are they fleeing their home countries? “, 2018. 

N.A. https://www.usa.gov/enter-us

Yee Vivian, Davis Kenan and Patel K. Jugal. “ Here’s the Reality About Illegal Immigrants in the United States”, 2017.


  1. Daniella Garcia

    Immigrant Made Here! I love it! you have this packed down. I would love to read your work if you want– email it to me danielladgarcia@gmail.com

    good job! maybe interview your parents to see their point of view and their ideas on improvement on a topic they live through.

    • Argelia Treadwell

      Thank you. I will definitely email you to get some feed back, I appreciate it. I actually just finished interviewing my mom and plan her put her point of view in the story.

  2. Litzy

    Id love to hear more about this topic, it’s definitely something that should be spoken more about. I cant wait to read your piece !

    • Argelia Treadwell

      Thank you. I feel like they don’t shed enough light on this topic, which is something very important.

  3. Prof. Edelson

    You three should be a team!!! Maybe get to know each other and read each other’s writing. I think you’d really like each other (sigh… in real life you’d definitely be friends.)
    Also, your topic looks great and it’s absolutely worth tackling. Remember to use one article from the NYTimes. (Remember we subscribed on the first day.)
    Prof. Edelson

    • Argelia Treadwell

      Thank you , I plan on using an article from the New York Times, I actually had already picked my articles before seeing this post. But I got lucky one of them is from the New York Times so it worked out.

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