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After taking a look through the First-Year Companion, one thing that I found useful was how detailed each topic was revealed. It was made more accessible for me to understand the instructions and information that was being presented. Moreover, it was very helpful on how to navigate throughout City Tech.  A few questions I have towards City tech would be how the environment is over there. Since the people and resources within the campus can affect the college experience, it’s important to know what kind of atmosphere you’re going to get your degree from.  One approach that will be essential for being a college student is communication with student’s/classmates. This is very important for academic success and can help from being overwhelmed or confused by a topic.

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  1. Ra

    I agree with Sumiya the details in The First Companion helps give students a better understanding on how to properly manage themselves as a college student. However, the thing I found were useful were the Make Your Own schedule builder that helps you account for things like time to sleep, eat, work, relaxation, etc. A question I have towards city tech is although it makes it somewhat easier to manage time to do work for classes, why are some classes asynchronous and other classes require various forms of online meeting. One approach that is important for being a college student is recognizing your responsibilities and prioritizing what you need to do over what you want to do.

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