Announcement: ACN mentoring program

The ACN mentoring program is designed to provide guidance and impart
industry-specific knowledge on a one-on-one basis along with
traditional job-seeking skills. Overall, the program is focused on
facilitating students’ entry into their chosen professional paths.
Specific focus is given to both the development of career-building
skills and the social etiquette required in a business environment.
Aside from one-on-one communication/meetings, there are only 3 ACN
meetings throughout the academic year:

1)      Late August 2016              Kick-off meeting to include a
LinkedIn workshop
2)      December 2016                 Mid-year check-in to include
mock interview sessions
3)      Late April 2017                  A celebratory close-out of
the program to include a class on business
dining etiquette

Please see the attached brochure for more information about the program.

To apply, go to:

Download: ACN Brochure

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