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Assignment 1B

Both Jabr and Badke explain the differences between digital books and printed books. In ā€œ The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screensā€ by Ferris Jabr, he explains his ideas and the progress of the digital books. In these days, young generation finds ebook is much easier than reading through the printed books. In addition, there are many options to read ebook through Iphones, ipads, kindles, nooks etc. It is easier to read because people are watching text in the same manner as watching an onscreen video, it is refreshed and faster than peopleā€™s eyes can detect. The brain may catch the missing letter easier. On the other hand, I canā€™t read it ebook and something else because I need to feel it physically but I can read only news online. The reason is I feel more focused when I touch to the book. In conclusion, Jabr is trying to show us how technology has grown, and affect us.

Blog Post #1

Badke and Jabr both write about the way reading can differ depending on the format (digital vs. print) you choose. For this blog I chose theĀ postĀ “NASA is about to launch a spacecraft to an asteroid to learn more about life on Earth” by Loren Grush. OSIRIS-REx mission will launch a spacecraft to the near-Earth asteroid named Bennu in order to collect a small sample and, if successful, this sample can tell us how ourĀ Solar System was 4.5 billion years ago. “Researches believe that life’s building block may have been brought to Earth by asteroids.” If we can unlock this time capsule, it may help researches know what building blocks are needed for life and perhapsĀ find them in a distant place.Ā I chose to read this blog because, scienceĀ has always caught my attentionĀ and I wanted to know more about the mission. I felt that in reading this blog in digital format, the information about this mission was more appealing to read, since I usually read in print formatĀ for homework.Ā The blog also had an animation Ā I wouldn’t be able to see had I read itĀ in a printed format. This animation helped me better understandĀ how the spacecraft will land on the asteroid.

Assignment #1B Reading Response Blog: Digital versus Print, Badke and Jabr

Badke and Jabr both write about reading and the ways that reading differs depending on format (digital vs. print) and context ( what we’re reading and why).In terms of digital text versus paper text, I can say that I use both formats frequently for different reasons though. Ā When it comes to very lengthy Ā journals, articles, or books I prefer to use paper text, as there is less strain on the eyes and it does not hurt your eye sight. Also with longer readings on a tablet or other electronic devices there is a possibility of loss of power which can cause a loss of my place in the reading. Ā As for shorter readings, digital text works better as the amount of time focusing on the screen is lessened. Ā In the article ā€œThe Reading Brain in the Digital Age: Ā The Science of Paper versus Screensā€ by Ferris Jabr published on April 11,2013, the author states Ā that most studies conducted before 1992 show that people read slower and paid less attention to readings done on a screen rather than on paper. Ā I agree with this because I often lose track of what I am reading when reading online rather than on paper. I feel like if I read something in print, I get a better understanding of the text and I can fully grasp what I am reading. If I read a digital book I might lose track of what I am reading and have to scroll up and down to read it again.

There is a high chance that you might get distracted while reading something on your kindle or Ipad. Staying long hours and staring at the screen it is not good for the eyes. If the text is shorter, then reading something on your kindle, Ipad, etc. wouldnā€™t be that bad. Ā I usually prefer print when it has to doĀ with schoolwork, because I like to be able to take notes and highlight/underline what Iā€™m reading.Ā  Now, I know that that is an option on digital formats also, but I still feel more comfortable with highlighting and note-taking on paper. I like to write little notes on the side of the paper which helps me grasp the information better. If I am reading a short novel, digital text would be a good option especially when I am taking the subway and I feel like reading a novel on my Ipad, kindle, etc.

Sometimes when a person is reading a digital text, they might end up going on social media and that distracts you from what you are reading. The person didn’t grasp what they just read so they have to read the text all over again.I chose my textbook ā€œPrinciples of Macroeconomicsā€ by Gregory Mankiw. I read the beginning of the first chapter as a PDF on my phone. I found the pdf version online for free so that is why I got the digital version because the teacher said that she wasnā€™t going to use the book that often and it saved me money from buying the physical copy of the book. I also did not want to carry a book to school if the book was only going to be used only certain days. I caught myself getting tired of looking at the screen. I also noticed that I would accidentally scroll up and down and lose track of where I last read. Now everyone uses their kindle especially on the train. So both print and digital texts have advantages and disadvantages. In conclusion, if the text is shorter I prefer digital but if it is long then I prefer print. Everyone has their own preferences. Both print and digital books are convenient for certain things. When you have the book in your hands, you get to feel the texture of the book, while in digital you can enlarge the text and so on.