Assignment 10B

There are many movies, books and television shows about an advance technological future. Creature either express what they waist the world looked like or what they believe are yet to come. Looking and writting this blog, there are two movies I like that technology is so advance and it in everyone’s day to day life. It’s a movie called tommorrowland we’re there are still advances that people are trying to make but there are already major and amazing advances. Like jet pacts, zero gravity with the flip of a switch, voice acted technology, with out the use of your hands at all.  And the next movie, is about a voice activated house. It does everything you can tell it to turn on the oven, you can set an alarm, you on the television from another room. Imagine a world with voice activated homes, and jet pacts and seems like so much fun. We close already with phones you can talk to and car that drive by themselves. I wonder how advance we will become.

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