Assignment 10B

One example of an imagined future is Betheda’s Fallout. Fallout is a video game series where players traverse through a post apocalyptic world to put their survival to the test. While the game is set far in the future, the setting is based on the early 1940s and 50s era.

Unfortunately, in this world, written information is difficult to obtain since books were either destroyed during the nuclear blast or used as material for fire, clothes, and houses. However, oral communication is still alive and well as there are a number of individuals who pass down what they know to friends, family, neighbors, and passerby. A few of them travel to other cities with a caravan or by themselves to spread the word of religion, dangerous creatures roaming the area, important people, events, etc.

But in Fallout 4, the latest game in the series, lies a large city (practically the capital of the area) that creates daily news for their inhabitants. Most of the towns folk read these papers so it can be assumed that a decent chunk of people in the fallout world are literate. There are also multiple computer terminals scattered across the wasteland; while most contain writing from before the nuclear blast, several have journal entries that were recently filled.

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