Assignment #5B

David  Weinberger, “Too Big To Know” discusses infrastructure of knowledge. Weinberger mentions that there was always a vast amount of information. With the help of the internet the amount of information can now be seen. The only difference is that the information that was shown in the past was not just information, but knowledge of it as well. The internet has given us the same amount of information but now, some information is useless. The task is left for us to decide whether the information we obtain is what we need. Weinberger gives an example of what books a library has in its collection. Libraries don’t obtain all the books published, they filter to see what books they should have by the users. Weinberger mentions six type of filters we can use to simplify the web, but the web has no shape. The web is endless with no boundaries and no structure for foundation.

An understanding of knowledge infrastructure can make us better researchers by allowing us to see how to tackle the vast amount of information. The web has endless information and no structure. It is up to us to find “filters” for the information the web gives us. Information of the data is useless, unless we have the knowledge to understand it. Since there is no structure to knowledge, the way we understand the information is different for each person.

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