Assignment 3B

I feel very strongly that we all have the right to be forgotten. I don’t think ones story shouldn’t be said but in cases of foreclosures and personal information then that should be able to be removed. To not have the right to be forgotten is a breach of privacy.
In order to have ones information on the web for anyone to see is a major invasion of privacy. when one removes their information then that would keep them at ease.

I don’t believe that it clashes with our first amendment because it is ones right to remove his personal information. its not as if one is asking the removal of anyone else’s info nor to have a story removed but in the case of financial or so then he/she should have that right.

when we talk about digital identity then we are referring to all the information that you display or show simply by just doing some searches or entering certain websites. after watching the Ted Talk by Gary Kovacs it showed a new light of who controls your digital identity. it seems its not fully understood exactly who controls it, but its very clear a lot of information is displayed to any site looking to follow your every move.

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