Assignment 1B: Jabr and Badke


Both Jabr and Badke’s perspective on printed books versus the progression of digital books also known as e-books are very similar.Ā Referring back to Chapter 1 in the book Research Strategies Badke explains, “While some readers will allow you to do note-taking and highlighting, etc., the e-paper book readers lack theĀ ability to function easily within the world of the Web the way an Ipad or Android device can”.Ā  For example, when I read the article “From papyrus to pixels; the future of the book” I began reading itĀ on my android device while riding on the train.Ā Ā Like any other day I would look around and see others onĀ their Kindles or Nooks andĀ think to myself, how do they read their books with the screen being as dark as it is and not being able to use any features such as highlighting, note-taking, etc., as Badke plainly put it.

Although I do find it handy to highlight and add any additional notes while using my play books application on my phone to read.Ā I constantly think to myself everyday howĀ can people read all their booksĀ and article selections on these technical devices?Ā The reason I say this is because I find it easier to read something in front of me such as the printed book rather than try to focus and grasp information from any other device or computer.Ā Jabr clearly explains this in his article, “As far as our brains are concerned, however,Ā text is a tangible part of the physical world we inhibit”. As part of human nature we all tend to gravitate andĀ absorb informationĀ a lotĀ more efficiently when we can physically get our hands on it,Ā rather than what we canĀ see (or in this case read)Ā at any given moment. At the end of the day, after the first paragraph or soĀ I chose toĀ print the article “From papyrus to pixels; the future of the book”Ā and read it that way. I found it so much easier to just jot down any notes anywhere on the page and simply breeze through the reading without any straining to my eyes or taking on a majorĀ migraine from trying to navigate through an app.Ā or internet source on a computer.

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