Applications of exponential and logarithmic functions

  1. \rhd  Exponential decay intro (8:11) A discussion on exponential growth and decay using y=3\cdot (2)^x and y=3\cdot \left(\dfrac{1}{2}\right)^x.
  2. * Practice Recognizing exponential growth vs decay. (4 problems)
  3. \rhd Graphing exponential growth and decay (4:05) Graphing h(x)=27\cdot \left(\dfrac{1}{3}\right)^x and g(x) = -30\cdot 2^x.
  4. * Practice Graphing exponential growth and decay. (4 problems)
  5. \rhd Exponential growth & decay word problems (7:21)
    • Suppose a radioactive substance decays at a rate of 3.5\% per hour. What percent of the substance is left is left after 6 hours?
    • Nadia owns a chain of fast food restaurants that operated 200 stores in 1999. If the rate of increase is annually, how many stores does the restaurant operate in 2007?