Ashlee Rosado

I believe forensic psychologist are a crucial part linking the legal process and psychology; in order to provide professional expertise according to the legal process. Forensic psychologist interact with inmates with mental illness (from adjustment problems to bipolar disorder). Forensic Psychologist are able to work in the fields of clinical psychology, counseling psychology …etc. Clinical forensic psychologist assess the individuals and provide relevant information of assessments and treatments for the individual for legal matters.

Moreover, forensic psychologist use assessment tools to study the mind and forces of the individuals in order to determine what made them commit the criminal act. Although it may take days, weeks or months to find a solution to the crime, I believe this practice is important in order to know how to process the individual in question – if s/he is mentally aware to stand trial or if s/he is unable to understand the proceedings during the trial. I believe having forensic psychologist evaluate individuals before being incarcerated can increase the treatment individuals with mental illnesses receive and whether or not they go to prison/jail.’s_Not_Silence_of_the_Lambs

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