Idaho State Flag

Idaho State Flag

Idaho State Flag —

The Idaho flag is silk with a blue field, five feet six inches fly, and four feet four inches on pike, bordered with gilt fringe two and one-half inches in width, with state seal of Idaho twenty-one inches in diameter, in colors, in the center of a blue field.

The woman represents liberty, justice and equality. The man is a miner. The pictures on the shield represent the main industries of forestry, farming and mining. The cornucopias or horn of plenty are symbols of abundance. The elks head represents wildlife. Esto perpetual (Let it be perpetual). The words “State of Idaho” are embroidered in with block letters, two inches in height on a red band three inches in width by twenty-nine inches in length, the band being in gold and placed about eight and one-half inches from the lower border of fringe and parallel with the same. This flag was adopted in 1907.

 Idaho Intestacy Laws

1.      The primary statutes comprising Idaho Intestacy laws, or laws of succession is I.C. §§15–2–102 (1971) and 15–2–103. (1971).

2.      If a decedent is survived by a spouse and issue, I.C. §§15-2-102 15-2-103, provides that

             (a) the surviving spouse receives all of the community property; and one-half of the   

                   remaining balance, of the decedent spouse’s separate property.  The remainder

                  goes to the issue of the decedent.

                (b)  if there is no surviving spouse, the estate passes to the issue of the same

degree of kinship to the decedent equally; but by representation, if they are of

unequal remote degree, and

(c) if a decedent is survived by no spouse and no issue then to his parent or

                      parents equally.

These combined sections give the surviving spouse a larger share than most existing statutes on descent and distribution. In doing so, it reflects the desires of most married persons, who almost always leave all of a moderate estate or at least one-half of a larger estate to the surviving spouse when a will is executed. A husband or wife who desires to leave the surviving spouse less than the share provided by this section may do so by executing a will, subject of course to possible election by the surviving spouse to take an elective share of one-third. New York law does not have a community property provision and therefore, is less favorable to the spouse’s inheritance compared to Idaho law.

             2.  I.C. § 15-2-501 provides that any person eighteen (18) or more years of age or emancipated minor that is of sound mind may make a will. However, in New York there is a requirement that the person have both a “sound mind and memory.”

             3.  I.C. § 15-2-502 requires the signature of at least two (2) persons each of whom witnessed either the signing or the testator’s acknowledgment of the signature or of the will. This is the same number of witnesses required under New York law.

              4.  Boise is the city with the largest population in Idaho. 

Boise County Map

Boise County Map

Boise County was established on February 4, 1864, with its county seat at Idaho City. Named after the Boise River which, in turn, was named by French-Canadian explorers and trappers for the great variety of trees growing along its banks, the Boise Basin, in which Idaho City lies, was one of the richest gold mining districts in the nation after the discovery of gold in 1862. At its peak in the 1860s and 1870s, Idaho City was, for a time, the largest city in the Northwest. It was this great influx of people that led to the establishment of the Idaho Territory. The area contains 1,908 sq. miles with a population of 4,768

              5.  Davison, Copple, Copple & Copple is one of the oldest law firms in Idaho.



This is a general practice law firm established in the early 1900s and is located at 199 N Capitol Blvd., Ste. 600 Boise, Idaho 83702 and may be reached by calling (208) 342-3658.

The firm’s philosophy of providing the highest quality legal service possible in a timely and cost-effective manner has remained constant for over a century. The firm regularly represents people and companies in a wide variety of general civil matters, and in both civil and criminal trials. The representative practice areas of their lawyers include but is not limited to Estates and Trust.

             6.   Boise Valley Appraisal Services knows residential real estate valuation in Boise Idaho.

Whether it’s an older home or luxurious new construction, our knowledge of local neighborhoods and education as licensed appraisers make us qualified to provide home valuations in Southwest Idaho for clients ranging from national mortgage companies to local lenders or individual businesses and consumers.

Boise Valley Appraisal is located at 3720 Pershing Dr Boise, ID 83705-2922. They may be reached by at (208) 794-9691 or via E-mail:


Boise County Court

Boise County Court

    7. The Fourth Judicial Court handles probates Boise, Idaho and may be found at  County Seat/Courthouse: Idaho City — Location: 419 Main St., Idaho City — Mailing Address: P.O. Box 126, Idaho City, ID 83631 — Telephone (208) 392-4452

     8.   EXTRA CREDIT

9.     A student wishing to earn an Associate or Baccalaureate degree in Paralegal Studies (or Legal Assistant Studies) in Boise City, Idaho could earn such a degree at Brown Mackie College



Although the school is ABA approved, at $324 per credit, a tuition of $37,100.00 is substantially more expensive than City Tech. Reference to their course in Estates, Trusts and Wills could not be found.

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