1a. In regards to Or. Rev. Stat. §112.025(2011), if a decedent leaves a surviving spouse and issue, and the issue is from the decedent and surviving spouse, then the surviving spouse will inherit the entire net estate. However, if there are surviving issue of the decedent, who are not issue of the surviving spouse, then one-half of the net intestate estate is theirs. On the contrary, in New York the surviving spouse would not inherit everything, but rather, the first $50,000 and one-half of the balance.
1b. In regards to Or. Rev. Stat. §112.035(2011), if the decedent leaves a surviving spouse and no issue, the surviving spouse shall have all the net intestate estate. Similarly, this is also so in terms of New York.
1c. In regards to Or. Rev. Stat. §112.045(2011), if a decedent is survived by no spouse and no issue, then the net estate is passed to the surviving parents of the decedent. This is also similar to the law of New York.

2. In regards to Or. Rev. Stat. §112.225(2011), which is similar to New York’s testamentary capacity law, any person who is 18 years of age or older or who has been lawfully married, and who is of sound mind, may create a will.

3. In Oregon, a will is duly executed when at least two witnesses are present, which is similar to New York. This law is conveyed in Or. Rev. Stat. §112.235.

4. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the most populated city in Oregon is Portland with about 583,776. The Law Offices of Richard B. Schneider, LLC is a firm located in Portland, Oregon; which specializes in probate/estate planning.

5. Moscato, Okoneski & Associates, Inc. is a real estate appraiser and consultant firm founded in 1979.

6. The court that handles probates in Portland is Multnomah County Courthouse which is located at 1021 SW (southwing) Fourth Avenue and the zip code is 97204.

Extra Credit: If a student wishes to earn a Baccalaureate degree in Paralegal Studies in the city of Portland, well they are out of luck. The schools in this city only offers Associate degree and certificate programs. There is only one ABA approved school in Portland, which is Portland Community College (Cascade and Central Campuses). Compared to the cost of City Tech, PCC is much cheaper. A full time student taking at least 12 credits a semester, who is also a resident of the state, will pay $1149.40 a semester. The school offers two courses that specializes in estates, trusts and wills, which are:

PL 109. Estate Planning. 3 Credits.

Approaches to estate planning, including wills, trusts, shared ownership, gifts and life insurance are covered. Includes objectives people have for estate planning, probate and the estate, and structures and results of different estate plans.


PL 111. Probate Practice. 3 Credits.

Covers preparation and filing of necessary papers used to administer an estate under Oregon state law.


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