Utah Code § 75-2-102 (2012); provides the Utah Law of intestate succession: It provides,

1(a). The intestate share of a decedent’s surviving spouse is: the entire estate if: no child of the decedent survives the decedent; or all of the decedent’s surviving children are also children of the surviving spouse.

(b). If one or more of the decedent’s surviving children are not children of the surviving spouse, the surviving spouse inherits the first $75,000, plus 1/2 of any balance of the intestate estate and the remaining to the other heirs. In New York the first $50,000, plus 1/2 of the intestate estate goes to the spouse, both states are different.

(c). According to Utah Code § 75-2-103 (2012); any part of the intestate estate not passing to a decedent’s surviving spouse under Section 75-2-102 or the entire intestate estate if there is no surviving spouse, passes in the following order to the individuals who survives the decedent. To the decedent’s children per capita at each generation as defined in Subsection 75-2-106(2); if there is no surviving child, then the decedent’s parents equally if both survives, or to the surviving parent if only one survives. New York uses the distribution scheme by representation, which is much different from per capita that Utah adopted.

2. According to Utah Code § 75-2-501 (2012); the age of testamentary capacity is 18 or more years of age who is of sound mind may make a will. In New York an individual has to have sound mind and memory.

3. According to Utah Code § 75-2-502 (2012): both Utah and New York requires 2 witnesses necessary to duly execute a will.

4. The U.S. Census Bureau data provides that Salt Lake City, Utah has the largest estimated population of 189,314. Scalley Reading Bates Hansen & Rasmussen Law Firm specializes in probate/estate planning in Salt Lake City.

5. Eric Van Drimmelen, is a Real Estate Apprasier in Salt Lake City, Utah. Website Link

6. Salt Lake City District Court located at 450 South State St P.O. Box 1860 Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 handles probate in Salt lake City.

Extra Credit

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A student  who wishes to earn an Associate degree in Paralegal Studies can attend Salt Lake Community College. School’s Website; Salt Lake City Community College is ABA approved. Listed here is a breakdown of the Tuition Cost for the College; Link. The cost per semester for a full time student at the college is $1,671.  At Citytech the cost is $2,865 per semester, what a difference. Tuition is definitely more at Citytech. Wills, Probate and Estates Course covers preparation of wills, disposition of property other than by will, probate administration and estate litigation. Estate planning and functions of paralegals in this legal area discussed. Paralegal majors choosing this elective must complete the course with a grade of C or better.

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