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1. S. C. Code Ann. Section 62-2-1 (1986) provides:

a. If a decedent is survived by a spouse and issue, the spouse gets one-half of the intestate estate and another one-half goes to the issue, if they are all of the same degree of relationship to the decedent they take equally, otherwise, more remote degree take by representation.

Under the New York law, the spouse gets fifty thousand and one-half of the residue and the balance goes to the issue by representation.

b. If a decedent is survived by a spouse and no issue, the spouse gets everything.

This rule is the same with New York law.

c. If a decedent is survived by no spouse and no issue, intestate estate goes to equally to the decedent’s parent or parents equally that is the same under the New York law. 

2. S. C. Code Ann. Section 62-2-501 and 62-1-201 (24).

The age of testamentary capacity in South Carolina and New York is the same that is 18 years of age or older.

3. S. C. Code Ann. Section 62-2-502 that it provides at least two witnesses necessary to duly execute.  N.Y. Est. Powers & Trusts Law Section 3-2.1 also requires at least two witnesses.

4. Columbia with the largest population in South Carolina and it is capital of S.C. as well. One of the law firms that specializes in probate/estate planning in Columbia is Moses & Brackett P.C and its website is

5. The website of a real estate appraiser (Professional Appraisal Services, Inc.) in the Columbia is

6. Richland County Probate Court and its location is Richland County Judicial Center, 1701 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Suite 207, Columbia, South Carolina 29201.

Extra Credit

If a student wishes to earn an Associate or Baccalaureate degree in Paralegal Studies, they could earn such a degree at South University, Columbia, SC. The school website is Yes, the ABA has approved the South University Paralegal Studies Program. It costs more than City Tech that is $ 46.535 for a full time student completing the entire program in normal time.

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